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July Monday the 28th
    • MILO favorite IN'BOX

    • The Original Tuna Salad Sandwich

    • Carrots Salad with Raisins

    • Chocolate Chip Cake

    • A mystery goodie

    • Zoe's favorite IN'BOX

    • Rigatoni with broccolis and cooked chicken

    • Tomato Soup

    • Strawberry Parfait

    • A mystery goodie

    • Joan's favorite IN'BOX

    • Teriyaki Salmon on Rice

    • Edamame and peas salad

    • Banana bread

    • A mystery goodie

    • Gary's favorite IN'BOX

    • Teriyaki Turkey Burger

    • Creamy Potatoes salad with fresh herbs

    • Strawberries with chocolate fudge

    • A mystery goodie

    • Jake's favorite IN'BOX

    • Meatloaf on rice

    • Corn, heart palm and avocado salad

    • Fruit Salad

    • A mystery goodie

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